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Let's Tell A Story: The Allegories of God

Jesus was the greatest storyteller there ever was. He spoke to the people right where they were. He told parables and stories that related to them in the natural with hidden gems with a spiritual message. In this book, I take childhood fables and nursery rhymes with a twist and turn them into beautiful allegories full of wisdom and healing. If you struggle with fear, people-pleasing, facing a spiritual storm, feeling broken, dismissed, and overlooked. Then "Let’s Tell A Story: The Allegories of God," is for you. Get ready as I tell you a stories that will change your life.

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Healing Waters
Poems that Heal

Are you a victim of rape, molestation, emotional and physical abuse? Has your pain kept you muted or made you the secret keeper? I know and understand that secrets are a silencer and a killer at the same time. I candidly share my journey of healing through poems that heals and stirs the waters of your soul. Come to the well and be refreshed, healed, and made whole in Jesus’ name.

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It's Raining Wisdom: The Golden Nuggets of God

Are you struggling in life and feel stuck? Do you want to move forward but too afraid or do not know how? Do you have issues of the heart and lack faith? Well friend, "It’s Raining Wisdom: The Golden Nuggets of God," has found itself in your hands. Look no further. You have found the solution. This book is a compilation of God’s wisdom downloaded from heaven. I share my personal stories during various seasons in my life as a Christian and how I triumphantly walked it out. The golden nuggets or tips inside will encourage and strengthen every reader to never give up, but to keep pressing in Christ. Your destiny awaits you.

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God is Good

Tyrin loves Sunday school and he's so excited to tell his parents what he learned. God Is a book that's told in an animated way by Tyrin. Share it with your little ones and watch their excitement in learning about God.

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